Covid-19 Charity Auction

Due to the global Covid 19 pandemic, many initiatives of all kinds have arisen in Spain to help those who need it most, thus demonstrating the enormous solidarity that exists in this country.

From the LATCH team, we participated by donating one of our ethnic belts to a charity auction organized via Instagram every Sunday of confinement, known as SOUVENIR OF QUARANTINE ( @souvenirquarantine). The auction was held live on Instagram and those interested in the products bid through the comments.

Our LATCH ethnic belt had a starting price of 18 euros, and ended up being awarded for the price of 135 euros, you can't imagine the amount of people who bid, it was an incredible experience.

The amount collected was donated to the Missionaries of Charity congregation, who do an essential work in our society helping the poorest.

That Sunday, April 10, a total of 1,700, 50 euros were collected, accumulating during the whole initiative a total of 7,105, 60 euros donated to different projects.

For us it was a pleasure to collaborate with such a cool initiative and know that thanks to our donation we have helped many people, it is clear that in the worst moments the human being gets his best.