Handmade Ethnic Products

All LATCH ethnic products are quality complements, made with first class materials, original and 100% handmade. The entire manufacturing process, from sourcing to manufacturing, is done with local Guatemalan raw materials, using genuine leather, vegetable dyes and embroidering each organic cotton thread of our bags and belts one by one.

At LATCH we are committed to a philosophy of responsible consumption and ethical production of our products. LATCH belts are made in a traditional and sustainable way, and stand out for their timeless and unisex quality.

Craftsmanship and sustainable fashion (slowfashion) are two fundamental pillars for us, which is why the history of the hands that make our products has special relevance. It is the main guarantee of quality and satisfaction of our customers, thus generating an added value to the products.

Both belts and bags are an indispensable piece in every outfit, each LATCH is a work of art, unique and that will solve the dreaded question of what to wear... LATCH cannot be copied!