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The LATCH Project

LATCH arises from the ambition of two young people who aim, through their passion for fashion, to have an impact on the society around them.

LATCH aims to respond to one of the most polluting industries in the world, fashion.

To this end, LATCH was created with the intention of raising awareness of the importance of change in an industry dominated by Fast-Fashion, requiring everyone's commitment to new ways of seeing and understanding fashion: social impact and sustainability.

The result: an original, unique, unisex, sustainable, social impact and quality product that met all our requirements.

Craftsmanship is the basis of our brand, therefore, all our products are handmade, being each one unique and unrepeatable.

LATCH found in the communities of women artisans in Guatemala its main allies.

The entire manufacturing process, from sourcing to manufacturing, is carried out with local raw materials, using entirely vegetable dyes and embroidering each organic cotton fibre of our belts one by one.

Thanks to our activity, several families that are part of the communities of women who make our products earn a higher salary than the average in the country.

Sofi and César