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Mission, vision and values

Our mission:

To give personality to a drab classic by turning it into a wardrobe staple and style icon.

Our vision:

To be a solid brand, recognised for the creation of a new classic and to become a national and international benchmark.

Our values:

Slow-Fashion: Aware of the impact of our industry, we promote a commitment to new ways of seeing and understanding fashion. Therefore, each of our products is handmade with ecological, ethical and sustainable materials, respecting its value chain and the community of artisans who make it.

Art and design: The basis of our accessories is creativity. We imagine and create different lines, textures and patterns to elevate a common accessory, giving it personality and originality as if it were a work of art.

Durability: For us, quality is the only way to achieve a product that lasts over time. Latch is that timeless classic with a fresh touch that makes it a wardrobe staple.