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Article: Origins

LATCH: Orígenes


LATCH is the result of the ambition of three young university students who, through their passion for fashion, want to make an impact on society.

We decided to leave our comfort zone, betting on entrepreneurship and in turn, exploring new countries, cultures, and traditions. In this way, we found in Guatemala everything that our ideas and dreams were looking for.

The adventure into the unknown began in June 2019, accompanied by tireless work by the three of us, elaborating the combinations of each of the ethnic belts, organizing the manufacturing process, creating the website, complying with all legal requirements and planning the sales and marketing strategies.

Finally, in mid-September 2019 our dream came true, the ethnic belts arrived in Spain and with it, a great welcome that we can never express our gratitude. So, we started with 13 different models of belts, many of them quickly sold out, until the 19 models that currently make up the permanent collection of LATCH.

About the manufacturing process

Guatemala is a country with great natural beauty and a rich indigenous culture, a product of the Mayan heritage and the Spanish influence during the colonial period.

The indigenous groups that live in this country, such as the Quiches and Cakchiqueles, live in the highlands and are mainly dedicated to textile crafts. Their colour combinations, their creations and their way of working as craftsmen, left us fascinated and for this reason, we have made the Guatemalan communities of craftsmen our main allies.

Therefore, we find in Guatemalan craftsmanship the inspiration, in correspondence with the commitment to a sustainable fashion concept, using natural dyes and organic cotton.

Even more important is the social impact that LATCH has on the communities of artisans, providing them with decent working conditions and a way to market their art that they would not otherwise have.

The result of our great commitment is reflected in quality complements, with first class, original, unique and 100% handmade materials. The entire manufacturing process, from supply to manufacture, is carried out with local raw materials, using genuine leather, totally vegetable dyes and embroidering each ecological cotton fibre of our belts one by one.

In short, we could not be more grateful for the affection, trust and welcome received. Undertaking this journey is complicated, but with patience it becomes very satisfying. Thanks to you, LATCH has become the new and exclusive proposal in Spanish fashion.

Each LATCH is unique, exclusive and unrepeatable.

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